History Garage: Aomi
History Garage
Aomi / Museum
Open 11am-9pm daily.
Free admission
Average visit time: 20-60 minutes
Koto-ku, Aomi 1-3-12.
5 minutes from Aomi station (Yurikamome line)

If you're even the least bit interested in vintage autos and racecars, this automotive museum is well worth checking out. Walk-through exhibit areas are fashioned to resemble the streets of an Italian village in the 1960s, a small town in 1950s America and similar evocative settings. The cast of automobiles on display changes regularly, rewarding repeat visits. And although it's run by Toyota, there are plenty of beautifully restored classic cars from other makers on display.

Running the full length of the upper floor of the museum is a shop called Grease, selling a huge stock of miniature cars as well as magazines, books, DVDs and various car-themed collectibles. Next to Grease is the Italian-themed Alessandro Nannini Cafe, serving light meals, coffee, beer and cocktails. The lower level is devoted to racecars from past decades, and at one end is a glass-enclosed Restoration Pit where you can watch the museum's staff of mechanics as they meticulously restore and maintain cars for the collection.

Though it's officially part of Toyota Mega Web, the History Garage is located at the opposite end of the Venus Fort shopping mall, about five minutes away from the giant showroom and test-drive areas.

See also the History Garage photo album on Facebook.

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