Inokashira Park Zoo
Kichijoji: Zoo
Inokashira Park Zoo: Kichijoji
Kichijoji / Zoo
Open 9:30am-5pm (entrance until 4pm). Closed Mondays.
Adults: Y400; ages 13-15: Y150; ages 12 and under: free.
Average visit time: 30-90 minutes

This low-key zoo specializes in animals that are native to Japan, so don't expect to see lions and giraffes, although they do have an Asiatic elephant and many tropical birds. Some of the other animals on display include tanuki, fennecs, masked palm civets, Yaku deer, and red-crowned cranes. Despite being the mascots of the zoo, the resident squirrels can be hard to find, but goats and capybaras are easier to spot.

Freshwater fish and insects can be observed in the Aquatic Life House, and the zoo is helping to breed mandarin ducks and restore them to the park. Younger children may enjoy the opportunity to bond with some of the zoo's horde of guinea pigs, who are on duty from 10am-noon and 1-3pm; there are also old-fashioned kiddy rides off in one corner.

Musashino-shi, Gotenyama 1-17-6.
10 min. from Kichijoji station (JR and Inokashira lines)
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