Maxell Aqua Park
Shinagawa: Aquarium
Maxell Aqua Park: Shinagawa
Shinagawa / Aquarium
Open noon-10pm daily.
Admission: Y2200; children 7-15: Y1200; children 4-6: Y700.
Average visit time: 45-90 minutes

A splashy, well-choreographed dolphin show, held nine times a day, is one of the main draws at this mid-size urban aquarium, and there are also shorter penguin and sea lion performances throughout the day. Other popular features are the Wonder Tube, with giant manta rays and sawfish swimming overhead, and the Jellyfish Ramble, where you stroll through a dimly lit room filled with illuminated jellyfish tanks.

The layout of the multi-level aquarium can be rather confusing, so it's worth checking the map on your pamphlet to make sure you haven't missed anything. Although it's a good deal smaller than oceanside aquariums like Enoshima and Hakkeijima, Aqua Park is much easier to get to from central Tokyo, and it provides ample fish-watching and photo-taking opportunities for an afternoon or evening excursion of an hour or two.

Shinagawa-ku, Takanawa 4-10-30.
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