Paper Museum
Oji: Museum
Paper Museum: Oji
Oji / Museum
Open 10am-5pm (enter by 4:30). Closed Mondays.
Admission Y300
Average visit time: 5-15 minutes

If you're spending the day in the nearby park but get hit by a sudden downpour, this specialty museum is a decent way to kill ten or fifteen minutes. The rather limited exhibit area covers topics such as the invention of paper, the crafting of traditional Japanese washi paper, and paper recycling and other environmental issues, with exhibits ranging from rare works of art to school science fair-style displays.

Kita-ku, Oji 1-1-3.
5 minutes from Oji station (JR); 7 minutes from Nishigahara station (Namboku line); 3 minutes from Asukayama stop (Arakawa streetcar line)
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