Ochanomizu: Retail
Rin: Ochanomizu
Ochanomizu / Retail
Open 11am-8pm (Sun -6pm) daily.
Average visit time: 20-30 minutes

Feeling a bit like a modern-art museum gift shop, Rin offers a well-curated collection of design-conscious goods from around Japan, with an emphasis on traditional craftsmen with a modern aesthetic sensibility. They've put together a good selection of pottery, metalware and glassware for the kitchen and dining table, as well as stationery and paper goods, wood crafts, leather goods and artisanal food products.

The selection on display changes every few months or so, but you can also order in-store from their catalog for a somewhat wider selection than what's currently on the shelves. Next to the shop is a public lounge area where season-specific crafts like Hina dolls and Tanabata ornaments are often on display.

Kanda-Awajicho 2-101, Wateras Common 2F.
神田淡路町2-101 ワテラスコモン2F
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