Neko Socks
Toshima-ku: Cat cafe
Neko Socks: Toshima-ku
Toshima-ku / Cat cafe
Open noon-6pm (Sat, Sun -7pm). Closed Wed, Thu.
Cover charge: Y1100 for the first 60 minutes.
Average visit time: 60 minutes

Unusual for its location in the middle of a residential zone, this small, low-key cafe is a popular neighborhood spot, with friendly staff and sociable cats. The homey setting makes it feel like you're visiting a friend who has pet cats - albeit a lot of cats - and unlike some downtown cafes, Neko Socks welcomes children.

The dozen or so resident cats represent photogenic breeds like Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest and Exotic Shorthair, and they all seem to have strong personalities and endearing quirks. Cat treats are available for sale, and coffee and other soft drinks run Y100 each.

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Toshima-ku, Nagasaki 4-24-8.
4 minutes from Higashi-Nagasaki station (Seibu Ikebukuro line)
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