Cafe Mignon
Kichijoji: Rabbit cafe
Cafe Mignon: Kichijoji
Kichijoji / Rabbit cafe
Open 11:30am-8pm daily.
Cover charge is Y300 for 15 minutes (Y400 on weekends) for the rabbit playroom
Average visit time: 30-60 minutes

Although there's a tiny rabbit playroom where you can feed the handful of resident rabbits for an extra fee, Cafe Mignon might be best experienced as a regular cafe that happens to have rabbits running around in the background. The dining area is comfortably spacious, and the menu offers a decent selection of pasta and rice-based dishes as well as the usual coffee and desserts. Also, food is served all day long, so this is a reasonable place to drop in for a mid-afternoon snack while other restaurants are closed.

We actually preferred enjoying watching the rabbits run around behind glass. The rabbit room itself is quite cramped, with room for only one or two visitors at a time (so you might have to wait your turn). There are seven rabbits in residence, and you can select any of the rabbits that are on duty to hold in your lap and pet (if they'll let you), or you can pet the rabbits in their cages. We were given a small handful of treats to give to our chosen rabbit.

The rabbit-room cover charge is for fifteen minutes, but you can relax in the cafe much longer, although of course you have to order something. There are rabbit-related books and manga to browse, and rabbit-themed movies are shown on the video screen while an odd soundtrack of music-box versions of pop songs plays in the background.

Kichijoji Minamicho 1-11-2, Momiji Bldg 3F.
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