Iwamotocho: Cat cafe
Machineko: Iwamotocho
Iwamotocho / Cat cafe
Open 2-8pm (Sat, Sun noon-8). Closed Tuesdays, Fridays.
Cover charge is Y1000 for the first hour
Average visit time: 60 minutes

The setup at this rescue-cat cafe is quite minimal - a few perches and climbing trees, some lockers and vending machines and a few seats for visitors, a handful of cat-themed magazines and just a few cat toys. There's a radio playing in one corner.

Most important though, they do have a lot of cats - some two dozen when we visited, including several kittens - and the atmosphere was more lively than expected, with lots of dramatic chases and thrilling acrobatic performances.

See more photos and details at Animal

Kanda Sudacho 2-8-4, Dai-ni Kanda Sudacho Bldg 5F.
10 seconds from Iwamotocho station (Toei Shinjuku line); 5 minutes from Akihabara (Hibiya line); 10 minutes from Kanda station (JR)
神田須田町2-8-4 第二神田須田町ビル5階
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