Sendai: Animal cafe
Ricky: Sendai
Sendai / Animal cafe
Open 11am-8pm daily.
Y1000 admission, includes free soft drinks
Average visit time: 45-90 minutes

Open since April 2016, this multi-species animal cafe specializes in owls but offers a number of other friendly small animals to interact with. When we visited there were two rabbits, five hedgehogs, one baby duck, one grown duck and several parrots in addition to more than a dozen owls of all sizes. The setup is very relaxed - there's no need to take your shoes off and you can help yourself to coffee and soft drinks for no extra charge. When we visited there was no time limit, although this may depend on the day.

The staff are friendly and proactive, introducing visitors to the animals under their care and explaining how to handle and pet them. The hedgehogs were cute but only minimally interactive, so we were happy to have them as a side attraction, while the talkative green-thighed parrot was quite entertaining. The older duck faithfully followed the staff members around the room, and added a comical touch to the general atmosphere.

If you happen to be around during "flight time" you can watch as the staff try to coax one of the barn owls to fly the length of the room to grab a bit of meat, although things don't always go exactly as planned. As with other owl cafes, you can pet the on-duty owls gently on their heads and shoulders, and pose for photos with the smaller owls.

See more photos and details at Animal Cafes.com.

Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi-ken, Ichibancho 2-7-3, Bear Bldg 4F.
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