Samurai Museum
Shinjuku Kabukicho: Museum
Samurai Museum: Shinjuku Kabukicho
Shinjuku Kabukicho / Museum
Open 11am-9pm (enter by 8:30) daily.
Admission Y1800
Average visit time: 30-45 minutes

Although this specialized museum is rather compact in size, the very detailed English-language tour makes up for it, and is highly recommended. The tour brings Japan's samurai history to life as you're introduced to room after room filled with rare swords, armor, helmets and many other historical artifacts. This is also a very hands-on museum - visitors can try on replicas of armor, helmets, and period clothing, providing ample opportunities for historical cosplay and entertaining selfies.

In addition to the exhibit rooms, the museum also puts on a twenty-minute show several times a day, where a costumed staff member demonstrates sword technique and samurai etiquette, and then encourages audience members to give it a try. If you miss the show you can save your admission ticket and use it for a return visit the following day.

The museum shop can be entered without a ticket, and it's stocked with everything from samurai T-shirts and caps to calendars and incense. Samurai-shaped wine-bottle covers are priced from Y8,000, and a full-size replica of a set of armor will set you back Y550,000. There are also replica swords and real swords - ask the staff for assistance.

Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 2-25-6.
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