Dentsu Former Headquarters Building
Tsukiji: Notable building
Dentsu Former Headquarters Building: Tsukiji
Tsukiji / Notable building

Completed in 1967, architect Kenzo Tange's iconic building served as the headquarters for Dentsu, then the world's biggest advertising agency, until 2002. After that it was occupied by Dentsu Tec, a subsidiary company, until 2014; it is now vacant.

The building stands thirteen stories tall, with two additional penthouse levels. It was originally designed as part of a grand urban-planning scheme for the Tsukiji neighborhood, where a grid of high-rise buildings would be connected by elevated bridges. Unfortunately the original design was watered down quite a bit, and this was the only part of the master plan that was actually built.

Chuo-ku, Tsukiji 1-11-1.
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