Bird Zoo
Yokohama: Bird cafe
Bird Zoo: Yokohama
Yokohama / Bird cafe
Open 11am-7pm (enter by 6pm) daily.
Admission is Y200 for every ten minutes. There's also a refundable Y1000 deposit for your locker. Bird seed is Y100 per portion.
Average visit time: 10-30 minutes

[Update: Bird Zoo closed in May 2018.]
This is the second branch of Bird Zoo, a full-immersion parrot-interaction facility run by Kojima pet store. Like the original Chiba branch, it's a very invigorating - at times almost overwhelming - experience, especially if you're there on a weekday with no other visitors. Originally Bird Zoo charged admission for 30 or 60 minutes, but now it's priced in ten-minute increments, and frankly ten or fifteen minutes is probably sufficient time to spend here unless you're an absolute parrot fanatic.

As you carefully enter the parrot room, being careful not to step on any stray birds that might be on the floor, a flock of parrots will greet you and land on your head, shoulders, arms and whatever other surfaces may be available. Most are content to just perch, but inevitably some will try to inspect shoelaces, camera straps, exposed ears and so on with their beaks.

You can purchase a tub of bird seed if you want to make a lot of avian friends quickly, but it's not really necessary. The staff will also show you how to handle the birds if you want to gently rub their shoulders or heads, which the birds seem to enjoy. There's a big mirror where you can take selfie shots covered in birds, or you can ask the staff to take your picture.

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Yokohama-shi, Naka-ku, Honmokuhara 12-1, Baytown Honmoku 5 Mall 4F.
1 minute from Wada Yamaguchi bus stop; buses run to Baytown Mall from Kannai, Yokohama, Negish and Motomachi-Chukagai stations.
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