Nerima-ku: Cat cafe
Ekoneko: Nerima-ku
Nerima-ku / Cat cafe
Open 11am-9pm (last entry 8:30pm; weekends 11-8). Closed Wednesdays.
Admission Y1100 for the first hour, Y500 for each additional 30 minutes
Average visit time: 60 minutes

This local rescue-cat cafe has a roomful of friendly cats and a very proactive staff who spend a lot of energy keeping them entertained. We were lucky enough to be there when the staff gave out cat treats for the visitors to dispense. Rather than ordinary kibble, these were a lobster-flavored paste that proved to be extremely popular, and even previously aloof cats managed to overcome their shyness.

The medium-size playroom has mostly floor seating for visitors, and bouncy, idol-focused J-pop plays nonstop in the background. There were twenty cats and three staff members present when we visited, although the number of both can vary.

Children are allowed, but those in elementary school and junior high school must be accompanied by an adult guardian. The admssion fee covers the first hour, and you'll need to keep track of the time yourself. [NOTE: Some photos are from Ekoneko's previous location.]

See more photos and details at Animal Cafes.com.

Nerima-ku, Nerima 1-2-13, Seibu Kaikan 401.
1 minute from Nerima station (Seibu-Ikebukuro line, Oedo line)
nn1-2-13 401
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