Otemachi Bokujo
Otemachi: Attraction
Otemachi Bokujo: Otemachi
Otemachi / Attraction
Open noon-6pm (Sat 11-5). Closed Sundays.
Free admission
Average visit time: 5-15 minutes

Pasona, one of Japan's biggest employment agencies, has gathered a collection of farm animals on the 13th floor of an office building in order to attract interest in careers in agriculture and dairy farming, especially among children. They've assembled a drove of mini pigs, a trip of goats, a stand of flamingos, a small parliament of owls, a couple of cows and a single (but rather sociable) alpaca, along with a human staff who keep the animals entertained and clean up after them. It's fun imagining the elevator rides that must have taken place as the facility was being set up.

You can pop in quickly to see the animals - they're behind a low fence, but you can pet the cows and sometimes play with the pigs. Watch out for the goats, though - apparently they like to nibble on visitors. There's a toilet just past the exit where you can wash cow saliva off your hands, and a big cafe area where you can stop for coffee or ice cream after your brief agricultural adventure.

In addition to animal meet-and-greet sessions they also hold ice cream-making lessons and occasional seminars on dairy farming - check the website for details. To visit the mini-farm, simply ask for a pass downstairs at the entrance to the Pasona building. Otemachi Bokujo is a successor to the equally unlikely Pasona O2 indoor farm, which grew various food crops for several years until May 2017, when the office building it was in was torn down.

Chiyoda-ku, Otemachi 2-6-2, Job Hub Square 13F.
1 minute from Tokyo Station (JR)
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