Architecture Model Workshop
Tennozu Isle: Retail
Architecture Model Workshop: Tennozu Isle
Tennozu Isle / Retail
Open 10am-7pm. Closed Sundays, Mondays.
Free admission; consult for fees when ordering custom models
Average visit time: 10-15 minutes

Located next to the Archi-Depot architecture-model museum, this model-making workshop also doubles as the museum's retail shop, and it's well worth a visit on its own for anyone with an interest in architecture. The shop sells everything from professional model-making equipment to children's toys, along with lots of books, framed photographs, pens for drawing, and typical museum-shop souvenir goods.

Model-making toolkits are on sale in both beginner and advanced editions, along with tiny figures and trees to populate your models, and an impressive selection of miniature chairs. If you prefer reading about architecture and looking at pictures, you'll find a good selection of coffee-table books and smaller pamphlets and mini-books devoted to famous architects. There are also Lego kits, jigsaw puzzles, toys and books for younger enthusiasts.

When the workshop area is open you can see the tools used in model-making and admire a rather elaborate model of the nearby canal area here on Tennozu Isle. During working hours you can sometimes watch the artists at work making models, and you can order your own architectural model based on blueprints and technical drawings; it takes around a month to complete a custom order.

Shinagawa-ku, Higashi-Shinagawa 2-6-10.
2-3 minutes from Tennozu Isle Station (Rnkai line and Tokyo Monorail)
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