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Aomi: Attraction
TeamLab Borderless: Aomi
Aomi / Attraction
Open 10am-7pm (Sat, Sun -9pm). Closed 2nd, 4th Tuesdays.
Admission is Y3200 for adults, and Y1000 for children 14 and under. Tickets must be purchased online or at convenience-store ticket vendors.
Average visit time: 1-2.5 hours

Billed as the world's first digital art museum, this ambitious art installation is made up of fifty immersive display areas created with the use of 470 projectors and a similar number of computers. There's quite a bit to see here, with dozens of different spaces to wander around in, each with its own visual theme and mood.

Just when you think you're almost done, the final attraction (called "Athletic Forest") turns out to be a whole additional floor full of hands-on activities - trampolines, obstacle courses and climbing areas, a room full of giant rubber balloons - all with accompanying light shows. There are play areas for younger children and lots of interactive games. Off in a quieter corner is a tearoom that's been given a high-tech makeover.

Weekdays before 4pm are probably the best times if you want to minimize the waiting time to get in.

Koto-ku, Aomi 1-3-8, Palette Town.
5 minutes from Aomi station (Yurikamome line)
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