Astro Boy Shop (Tezuka Osamu Shop and Cafe)
Asakusa: Retail
Astro Boy Shop (Tezuka Osamu Shop and Cafe): Asakusa
Asakusa / Retail
Open 10am-7pm daily.

The robotic 1960s anime star Astro Boy (known as Atom Boy in Japan) now has his first permanent Tokyo shop. Here you'll find exclusive Astro Boy merchandise, souvenirs in all price ranges, a special-event space, and a retro-style Show-era cafe up on the second floor.

Die-hard fans may be interested in the rather elaborate Astro Boy robot toys, priced from Y99,000. They walk, they talk, they sing, and they incorporate AI-driven visual recognition capabilities to recognize different faces.

Other fancy souvenirs include glass wind-chimes, cut-glass crystal glassware and a small line of jewelry. The clothing line-up features T-shirts, bomber jackets and neckties depicting the juvenile robot and his friends

Character-themed cookies, curry pouches and bottles of soda are among the edible souvenirs, and of course there's the typical assortment of postcards and stationery supplies, books and stickers. If you're ready for the full Astro Boy experience the upstairs cafe serves pancakes, tiramisu and parfaits, ice-cream floats, cafe latte (with photogenic latte art), and bottled beer.

Taito-ku, Asakusa 2-7-13.
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