Brake Museum
Sumida-ku: Museum
Brake Museum: Sumida-ku
Sumida-ku / Museum
Open 10am-noon, 1-3pm. Closed Mondays.
Free admission; call ahead to reserve
Average visit time: 5-15 minutes

Learn all about brakes at this highly specialized mini-museum, which covers everything from simple bicycle calipers to the sophisticated eddy-current and regenerative brakes used in Shinkansen trains. A timeline illustrates the history of brakes, starting with the original "stick brake" - basically just a stick - from 3000 BC. Other highlights include videos about automotive history, samples of brake materials, a model of Tokyo Skytree, and a small diorama of a town center. Most exhibit captions are in Japanese only. Call ahead of time to reserve. The museum's new location is about ten minutes from the Tobu (train) Museum.

Sumida-ku, Tsutsumidori 1-7-9, Nakamura Lining Company 2F.
10 minutes from Higashi-Mukojima Station (Tobu line)
東京都墨田区堤通1-7-9 中山ライニング工業株式会社 墨田営業所2F
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