Ueno: Retail
Pensta: Ueno
Ueno / Retail
Open 9am-10pm (weekends -9pm) daily.
Free admission.
Average visit time: 10-20 minutes

Illustrator Chiharu Sakazaki's beloved penguin mascot, Suica's Penguin, now has an exclusive character goods shop inside JR Ueno Station. Images of the efficient urban penguin, originally designed to promote prepaid Suica cards from private railway JR East, adorn everything from stationery goods to folding umbrellas. There's a surprisingly wide range of penguin-themed clothing as well as backpacks, watches and wall clocks.

Next to the shop is a large cafe area serving penguin-decorated cafe lattes, desserts and three varieties of curry rice. The shop and cafe are located in the Ecute shopping complex, inside the gates on the third floor of JR Ueno Station. The cafe section is open from 6:30am.

Taito-ku, Ueno 7-1-1, Ecute Ueno 3F.
0 minutes from JR Ueno Station
台東区上野7-1-1 エキュート上野 3F
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