Tori no Iru Cafe
Sendagi: Bird cafe
Tori no Iru Cafe: Sendagi
Sendagi / Bird cafe
Open 11am-7pm daily.
Admission Y1,850; Y300 extra for protective shoe coverings. Additional charge for bird snacks.
Average visit time: 20-60 minutes

We were greeted by loud squawks as we entered the building - just a small taste of the exotic-bird adventure ahead. In spite of the name, this current incarnation of Tori no Iru Cafe (Cafe with Birds) isn't technically a cafe but a pet store - a very immersive pet store. Several dozen parrots and other birds fly freely around the main bird room, ready to meet visitors and entertain with their charming antics.

The resident birds are clearly acclimated to humans, and many will perch obliviously on the shoulders and arms of visitors, while others seem to enjoy inspecting people's shoelaces and camera straps. The room has been amply furnished with stationary perches so you're not likely to be swarmed (unless you come bearing food).

The birds are all quite photogenic, with numerous species represented, so picture-taking opportunities are plentiful. A few full-height mirrors will give you the opportunity to capture bird-covered selfies. Sunflower seeds and other snacks are available if you're prepared for a more enthusiastic greeting.

The entrance fee is Y1,850, which gets you an hour of quality bird time, which is probably more than enough. You'll be asked to disinfect your hands at the entrance and stow any bags in a locker.

Before you enter the bird room you'll be issued a plastic poncho-style raincoat with hood to protect your clothes and head, with protective shoe coverings also available for an extra Y300. After you're done interacting with the birds, the shop's front area is well stocked with bird-themed goods if you want a souvenir of your visit.

Bunkyo-ku, Sendagi 3-42-16.
3 minutes from Sendagi Station (Chiyoda line)
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