Nakano: Cat cafe
Coorikuya: Nakano
Nakano / Cat cafe
Open 11am-8pm (last entry 7:30) daily.
Admission Y880 for the first 30 minutes; Y165 for every ten minutes after that.
Average visit time: 30-60 minutes

Located on the second floor of a popular pet shop, Coorikuya has a more relaxed atmosphere than your average cat cafe. Unlike places in more touristed neighborhoods like Shibuya or Akihabara, there were only a handful of visitors on a weekday afternoon in spite of the bustling crowds in Nakano Sun Plaza just downstairs.

The cafe occupies a single large rectangular playroom looking out over the main corridor of Sun Plaza. The reception desk is downstairs, where you pay and collect any cat treats you've purchased. Climb the stairs to the second floor, stow your shoes in your assigned locker and carefully enter the playroom.

Be aware though that on the other side of the door there will be cats ready to escape and explore the locker area, so some care is required to keep them from doing so. Since the staff are all downstairs you'll need to collect any escapees yourself and return them to the playroom.

Once you're safely inside, you're free to dispense any treats you've invested in or tempt the resident cats with wand toys. The kibble is recommended, as it lasts a long time if you give it out piece by piece. Photography is the other main visitor activity, and the twenty or so resident cats are quite photogenic and include some exotic breeds.

Some visitors treat this like a regular cafe, working on laptops or reading manga, relaxed in the company of cats without fussing over them. There is a special rate for unlimited time, so you can stay here all afternoon if you wish, and there's free wifi.

The initial admission fee for the first thirty minutes is Y880, which includes free drinks. After that it's Y165 for each additional ten minutes. Kibble is an extra Y330, and well worth the price.

Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-67-10.
3 minutes from JR Nakano Station
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