Museum of Logistics
Shinagawa: Museum
Museum of Logistics: Shinagawa
Shinagawa / Museum
Open 10am-4:30pm (last entry). Closed Mondays.
Y200 admission
Average visit time: 10-40 minutes

If you're a diorama fan, the highly detailed, room-size layout in the basement of this museum is one of the more impressive examples in town. It's got trains, planes, container ships, trucks, and streams of cars, with big cranes actively loading and unloading cargo. Traffic is in constant motion as buildings and roads in a model city's warehouse district cycle through a 24-hour day.

One of Tokyo's many hyper-specialized small museums, the Museum of Logistics focuses on the transport of cargo, from the Edo Era to the present day. The basement exhibits are devoted to the modern freight industry, and in addition to the massive diorama there are models of trains and trucks, video displays, and computer terminals set up for playing freight-related games.

The ground floor exhibits cover earlier times, illustrating the history of the Japanese logistics industry from the 17th through 20th centuries. You'll find display cases full of historic photos, old baskets and boxes, deliveryman uniforms, and numerous scale models and small dioramas.

We got the impression that much of the museum was targeted to children, so we were surprised to encounter two tour groups of adults being led around the exhibits during a mid-week visit. Tours are in Japanese, as are most of the exhibit captions, though there is some English-language content scattered throughout.

There is a minimal museum shop, or counter at least, selling furoshiki wrapping cloths, tiny toy train cars, and postcards. The facility is located around ten minutes away from the Museum of Packaging Culture, should you want to make an afternoon of visiting small and obscure specialty museums.

Minato-ku, Takanawa 4-7-15.
7 minutes from Takanawadai Station; 7 minutes from Shinagawa Station; there are also bus stops 1 minute away
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