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Nadiff a/p/a/r/t - Bookstore: Ebisu
[Open noon-8pm daily.]
A well-stocked bookstore specializing in contemporary art, photography, architecture and design. After you're done browsing here you can drop in to three or four small contemporary-art galleries that share the building with the bookstore.
Zubar - Club: Ebisu
[Open 6pm-5am. Closed Sundays.]
This underground two-story DJ bar hosts several DJ events per week, mostly with no cover charge. Drinks start at Y500.
Liquidroom - Club: Ebisu
Mostly a concert venue, Liquid Room also hosts some club events. The Time Out Cafe on the second floor regularly hosts DJ events of its own.
Melange - Cat cafe: Ebisu
[Open noon-8pm (Fri, Sat -9pm) daily.]
Whoever was responsible for the interior design for "Nyafe Melange" has clearly discovered the secret to a successful cat cafe - providing lots and lots of different places to sit, perch, and nap. At first glance it looks like an ordinary living...
Museum of Yebisu Beer - Museum: Ebisu
[Open 11am-7pm. Closed Mondays.]
Devoted to the proud history of the Yebisu beer brand, this recently renovated facility is built on the site of Tokyo's original Sapporo Brewery. It includes a spacious restaurant, a smaller exhibition area, a theater, and a well-stocked gift shop....
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (TOP) - Art museum: Ebisu
[Open 10am-6pm (entry until 5:30pm). Closed Mondays.]
Run by the Tokyo metropolitan government, this first-rate museum showcases both Japanese and international photographers. Around twenty exhibitions a year are held in the museum's three gallery spaces. A branch of Nadiff bookstore, located on the...


Daikanyama T-Site - Shopping complex: Daikanyama
[Open 7am-2am daily.]
This tasteful, low-rise specialty shopping complex is anchored by a large branch of Tsutaya bookstore, and it also features boutique-style shops specializing in cameras, bicycles, toys and pet supplies. The Ivy Place restaurant offers all-day cafe...
Tsutaya - Bookstore: Daikanyama
[Open 7am-2am daily.]
Run by the video-rental chain Tsutaya, this very large, impressively well-stocked book and music store serves as the anchor for the upscale Daikanyama T-Site shopping complex. The centerpiece of the shop is a luxuriously appointed lounge-bar area...
Unit - Club: Daikanyama
This huge club hosts some famous visiting musicians and DJs; there's also a smaller venue called Saloon on the lowest floor.


Don Quijote - Retail: Naka-Meguro
[Open 24 hours a day.]
A 24-hour branch of the very eclectic discount store chain.
Museum of Contemporary Sculpture - Art museum: Naka-Meguro
[Open 10am-5pm. Closed Mondays.]
The work of 56 contemporary Japanese artists is presented on two indoor floors and four spacious outdoor areas, with over 200 pieces in all. There's a small tearoom inside the museum, although it isn't always open. Admission is free - just sign...


Meguro Museum of Art - Art museum: Meguro
[Open 10am-6pm. Closed Mondays.]
This small local museum is run by Meguro Ward, and focuses on modern Japanese and contemporary foreign artists, with frequently changing temporary exhibitions.
Meguro Parasitological Museum - Museum: Meguro
[Open 10am-5pm. Closed Mondays.]
Forget the usual superlatives for Tokyo - the highest concentration of pachinko balls in the world, the greatest number of geographically challenged taxi drivers anywhere, etc. - what really makes me want to punch the air in civic pride is knowing...
Blues Alley Japan - Jazz club: Meguro
[Open 11:30am-11pm Tuesday-Friday. Closed Mondays.]
A supper club with live blues and jazz (mostly from local groups) and French and Italian food. At dinnertime main courses start at around Y2,000, but lunchtime is more competitive, with a Y1,200 Ladies' Lunch. Reserved for parties on weekends.