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Listings for selected area cafes, bars, and casual dining spots, from our sister site Bento.com.

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Afternoon Tea - Cafe: Ueno
[Open 10am-9pm daily.]
Light, casual meals are served all day starting from 10am (an hour earlier than most other restaurants in the neighborhood). One of our favorites is the vegetable and chicken platter - an assortment of grilled and steamed seasonal vegetables served...
Vinuls - Spanish: Ueno
[Open 11am-4:30am daily.]
Spanish food and reasonably priced French and Spanish wines, with convenient late-night hours. Budget around Y3000 for food and drink at dinnertime. (From the same management as the Aux Amis des Vins chain of French wine bars.)
Konaya - Udon: Ueno
[Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.]
Oddly compelling udon noodles in curry-flavored broth, served with shrimp tempura, bananas or mochi (rice cakes).
Wired Cafe Atre Ueno - Cafe: Ueno
[Open 8am-11pm daily.]
Coffee, wireless internet access and good food from the popular Wired Cafe chain. Located in a basement corridor next to Ueno station's Retro Gate, this oddly laid-out shop features a cozy balcony area.
Tamaya - Bar: Okachimachi
[Open 11:30am-2, 5-11pm. Closed Sundays.]
Tamaya has all the makings of a great neighborhood wine bar: a lively but relaxed atmosphere, a well-chosen selection of reasonably priced wines; and tasty, tapas-sized dishes. The only problem is getting in. The bar, which can accommodate a mere...


23 Banchi Cafe - Brewpub: Asakusa
[Open 11:30am-11pm daily.]
This casual cafe is run by Asahi Beer, on the grounds of their Philippe Starck-designed headquarters. Drinks include coffees, wine, and various Asahi and Asahi-imported beers, including three microbrews from the on-premises Sumidagawa Brewery. ...
Kamiya Bar - Bar: Asakusa
[Open 11:30am-10pm. Closed Tuesdays.]
Founded in 1880, this historic bar is best known as the originator of Denki Bran ("electric brandy"), a strangely compelling, rather sweet brandy-like liquor that's used in a variety of cocktails served here. Cheap prices and communal tables...
Bar Six - Bar: Asakusa
[Open 6pm-2am. Closed Mondays.]
Located at the top of the very cultural Amuse Museum, Bar Six offers a nice evening view of the illuminated pagoda and temple buildings of nearby Sensoji Temple. Weather permitting, the outdoor terrace seats offer the best view. Drinks include...
Asakusa Gyukatsu - Gyukatsu: Asakusa
[Open 11am-10:30pm (LO; Sat -9:30, Sun -8:30) daily.]
This tiny, nine-seat counter shop just may serve the best deep-fried beef cutlet in Tokyo. The meat is beautifully marbled, encased in a thin, softly crunchy coating and quite tasty with just a bit of grated rock salt. Do try the onion sauce...
Ef Cafe - Cafe: Asakusa
[Open 11am-11pm (LO). Closed Tuesdays.]
Ef Cafe isn't a cat cafe, it's simply a cafe with a resident cat which also happens to exhibit cat-centered artwork on the walls, serve drinks in cat-themed glassware, and sell a small, tasteful collection of feline-focused knick-knacks. During the...
Sake Sanwa - Liquor shop: Asakusa
[Open noon-6pm. Closed Wednesdays.]
This small sake retailer has a stand-up counter where you can try before you buy - there are usually around seven different sake bottles open, with two-part tasting flights priced from Y500 or single shots from Y300. Since the Kappabashi district...
Tiger Gyoza Hall - Gyoza: Asakusa
[Open 11:30am-10:30pm (LO) daily.]
Tiger's menu is devoted to gyoza dumplings, both fried and boiled. The signature dish is their extra-large Banana Gyoza, so named because of their elongated shape - these come with a voluminous pork filling wrapped in a thick, chewy, lightly...

Skytree (Oshiage)

Be a Good Neighbor Coffee Kiosk - Coffee shop: Oshiage
[Open 10am-9pm daily.]
Great espresso and drip coffee from the oddly named Harajuku-based coffee shop Be A Good Neighbor. Wintertime drinks also include hot cocoa, hot lemonade and flavored teas, with pastries to go with.
Rikyu - Yoshoku: Oshiage
[Open 11am-10:30pm (LO) daily.]
Good charcoal-grilled beef tongue from this Sendai-based chain. You'll also find beef-tongue curries, stews, sausages and other yoshoku-style dishes, along with regional sake from Miyagi Prefecture.
Toriton - Sushi: Oshiage
[Open 11am-11pm daily.]
Fresh fish and good cost performance at this Hokkaido-based conveyor-belt sushi spot. The lines may be long but they move quickly.
Rokurinsha - Ramen: Oshiage
[Open 10:30am-11pm daily.]
This very popular shop is known for their tsukemen, served with a thick, richly flavored dipping sauce made with pork, seafood and vegetables. Prepare to wait on line during busy times.
World Beer Museum - Beer bar: Oshiage
[Open 11am-10pm (LO) daily.]
Rather than trying to represent the entire world, the "World Beer Museum" narrows its focus to brews from five beer-producing countries - Belgium, Germany, the UK, Czech Republic and the US - along with a "world food" menu of representative dishes...
Super Dry - Beer bar: Oshiage
[Open 11am-11pm daily.]
In addition to their flagship beer, this popular Asahi-run pub pours a rotating roster of draft beers like Leffe, Bass Pale Ale and Hoegaarden; they also serve several varieties of Leffe by the bottle. There's an inexpensive menu of pub food to...