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Lixil is the biggest gallery in Tokyo devoted to architecture, urban design and spacially focused artwork installations. Recently the gallery has been hosting collaborative works between well-known architects and visual artists, including a cave-like installation created by architect Kengo Kuma and a Kyoto-based washi artist. ... [Continue reading]
Pasona, one of Japan's biggest employment agencies, has gathered a collection of farm animals on the 13th floor of an office building in order to attract interest in careers in agriculture and dairy farming, especially among children. They've assembled a drove of mini pigs, a trip of goats, a stand of flamingos, a small... [Continue reading]
Best known internationally for her prolific work with orange polka dots, the avant-garde sculptor, painter and novelist Yayoi Kusama now has a new museum (as of October 2017) devoted to her work and life. There's a lot to see, with closely packed paintings and other works spread out over five floors and a rooftop area. ... [Continue reading]
This influential gallery represents artists Ilya Kabakov, Jan Fable, Tomoko Yoneda, and Naofumi Maruyama. The relatively spacious two-room gallery is located in the "complex 665" gallery building, along with Tomio Koyama and Taka Ishii. All three galleries shared a warehouse building in the Kiyosumi district before moving here... [Continue reading]
Manga, anime, toys and other aspects of pop culture are the inspiration for many of the shows at this international gallery. The exhibition area is comfortably spacious and can accommodate fairly large shows. As with all independent galleries, check their website to see if they're between shows. ... [Continue reading]
This three-story building houses a private residence on the ground floor and gallery spaces upstairs for a private art museum created to help blind and visually impaired people experience art. (In case you're wondering who Tom is, it's an acronym for "Touch Our Museum.") The concrete building was designed by Hiroshi Naito and... [Continue reading]
Stationery enthusiasts will marvel at the breadth of offerings at this gorgeous little shop - everything from vintage fountain pens and artisanal ink to deluxe planners and notebooks from Japan and abroad. There are tasteful knickknacks and well-designed gadgets for the library or den, many with a retro, pre-digital aesthetic... [Continue reading]
All the goods on display here have been past winners of Japan's Good Design Award for noteworthy industrial design, so browsing the shelves is a bit like visiting a design museum. The collection is incredibly diverse but often quite mundane, featuring camping equipment, gardening tools and rubber boots, tubes of glue and... [Continue reading]
The magnificent main building of this concert hall was completed in 1961 and designed by the Japanese modernist architect Kunio Maekawa. Maekawa apprenticed with Le Corbusier in Paris from 1928-1930 before returning to Japan and starting his own practice, and his firm, Maekawa and Associates, was the first employer of the very... [Continue reading]
Wondering what Japanese robots are up to these days? Find out at the Tokyo Skytree campus of Chiba University of Technology, which is actually just a couple of exhibition spaces located upstairs from the Skytree's shopping-mall complex. One area is devoted to robotics technology, with several interactive exhibits examining... [Continue reading]
Thousands of maneki neko (good-luck cat statues) fill the interior of this spacious cafe-bar, along with signed covers of jazz albums and underground theater posters. There's a counter and several tables, making this a good venue for a small party. Service is friendly and the air isn't too smoky, although smoking is allowed... [Continue reading]
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Animal sightings
New and featured listings from our sister site Animal
Animal Cafes - Mfmf: Yokohama Kannai
When we visited in Autumn 2017 the playroom here was full of tiny kittens play-fighting and chasing each other around, making for a very energetic cat-cafe experience. The seventeen resident cats also include some beautiful...
Animal Cafes - Mimi: Tokyo Ikebukuro
Mimi has some of the friendliest and most relaxed rabbits we've encountered in Tokyo - we were impressed with how well they get along with each other, and how easy-going they are with human visitors. Unlike other cafes that...
Animal Cafes - Mocha Takeshita-dori: Tokyo Harajuku
This second Harajuku outlet of the popular cat-cafe chain is one of the only branches that allows young children, so it tends to be popular with younger visitors and their families as well as the usual crowd of cat fanciers....
Animal Cafes - Meooow!: Tokyo Shinagawa-ku
Meooow is a rescue-cat cafe, so all the cats here are adoptable, and indeed there are two portrait galleries on the cafe wall, one for current residents and one for previous graduates. Located in the middle of a residential...
Eating and drinking
The latest food and drink listings from sister sites and Craft Beer Bars Japan.
Brussels Beer Project: Nishi-Shinjuku
Not to be confused with your typical Belgian beer bar, BBP is actually a craft-beer taproom - one of the best in Tokyo in our opinion. They serve a lineup of more than a dozen beers on tap from a small craft brewery in...
Unir: Akasaka
A branch of a Kyoto-based gourmet coffee chain, Unir is attached to the hotel that never sleeps, Hotel M Innsomnia, and is of course open 24 hours a day. Their numerous espresso offerings include macchiato and long black,...
New opening - Somtum Der: Yoyogi
The modern, stylishly decorated Somtum Der has a more cosmopolitan feel to it than most Tokyo Thai restaurants, and indeed it has an impressive international pedigree, with branches in New York, Beijing and Ho Chi Min City...
New opening - Beer Bars Japan - Antwerp Port: Tameike
This branch of the popular Belgian Brasserie Court chain offers a line-up of ten beers on tap and a big bottle selection, while the food menu features Belgian frites and a quirky selection of canned delicacies from around...
New opening - Pariya: Tameike
Each week, the creative chefs at Pariya whip up an ever-changing selection of gourmet salads and original vegetable-friendly savory dishes for your dining pleasure. The cafe's so-called deli-style format means you can...
New opening - Henry's: Akihabara
This second branch of the popular Daikanyama burger shop keeps things simple - you can order combo sets with fries and a drink plus your choice of a single, double or triple burger. There are add-ons for premium drinks, so...

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