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Tokyo department stores

Isetan - Department store: Shinjuku
[Open 10am-7:30pm daily.]
Once you're done checking out Isetan's high-end fashions, head down to the basement to experience the best food hall in Tokyo. You'll find fresh seafood and produce, gift-ready (and astronomically priced) melons and matsutake mushrooms, luxurious...
Keio Department Store - Department store: Nishi-Shinjuku
[Open 10am-8pm daily.]
Keio Department Store has one of the livelier food halls at this end of Shinjuku station, and it's worth a look if you're nearby. The booths here represent a wide range of cuisines, and offer some decent bargains when it's getting near closing...
Matsuya - Department store: Ginza
[Open 10am-8pm daily.]
The two-level basement food hall at Matsuya houses dozens and dozens of kiosks and stalls with freshly prepared foods and packaged goods to take home. There are also a few sit-down counters run by the various shops and a decent wine department with...
Mitsukoshi Department Store - Department store: Ginza
[Open 10am-8pm daily.]
Since the store's recent renovation, Mitsukoshi's two-level food hall has expanded to more than a hundred food stalls run by well-known restaurants, bakeries, sweets shops, tea sellers, and other purveyors of gourmet food and drink. The tiny...
Odakyu - Department store: Nishi-Shinjuku
[Open 10am-8pm daily.]
Odakyu's basement food hall has dozens and dozens of stalls selling everything from Chinese food to fresh-squeezed juices and organic vegetables.
Seibu Department Store - Department store: Ikebukuro
[Open 10am-9pm daily.]
One of the biggest department stores in the world, this flagship branch of the international chain is spread out over fourteen floors and includes specialty shops Muji and Loft as well as dozens of restaurants. The two-level food hall is the...
Takashimaya - Department store: Nihonbashi
[Open 10am-8pm daily.]
The basement food floor of Takashimaya is upscale and a bit old-fashioned at the same time, just like the rest of the store; you'll find booths run by traditional eel restaurants and similar fare.
Takashimaya - Department store: Shinjuku
[Open 10am-8pm daily.]
Although perhaps not as trendy and modern as nearby Isetan, Takashimaya's basement level houses one of the more upscale food halls in town, well stocked with luxury items as well as more everyday fare. The sake area is well stocked, and there's a...
Tobu Department Store - Department store: Ikebukuro
[Open 10am-8pm. Closed some Wednesdays.]
This massive department store is spread out over several buildings along the west side of Ikebukuro station, with dozens of brand boutiques and more than fifty restaurants.