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West side

Microcosmos - Cafe: Shibuya
[Open 11:30am-4am daily.]
It's a bustling cafe-lounge space by day, with late-night dining and DJ club events on weekends. There's free wifi, although it's not exactly a laptop-conducive atmosphere.
Viron - Bakery: Shibuya
[Open 9am-10pm daily.]
Great French cafe-style sandwiches, quiches and pastries to take out; there's also a pleasant cafe upstairs.
Deux Magots - Cafe: Shibuya
[Open 11am-10:30pm daily.]
French-style cafe beverages and pastries. The courtyard seating is unusual in that you're in the basement of the Bunkamura complex, but still out under the open sky. (Indoor seating also available.)


Cona - Wine bar: Shibuya
[Open 11:30am-4:30am (LO) daily.]
It's hard to beat the prices at this casual wine bar in Shibuya. All of the 70+ varieties of wine are available for Y1900. Choose your own bottle from the small glass cellar, or ask for recommendations from the knowledgeable young staff.
Fab Cafe - Cafe: Shibuya
[Open 10am-9pm. Closed holidays.]
Equipped with laser cutters and a 3D printer, Fab Cafe encourages its patrons to turn their stylish ideas into stylish physical objects. The bright and convivial space feels like a beehive of creative activity - lone patrons peck away industriously...
Wailele - Beer bar: Shibuya
[Open 6pm-midnight. Closed Mondays.]
This lively after-work bar is one of the "Cerveza Gym" trio of specialty beer bars, devoting their two to four taps to American craft beers from breweries like Sound, Diamond Knot and Maui. Just as interesting though is their impressive line-up of...
JBS Shibuya - Bar: Shibuya
[Open 2-11pm daily.]
The initials stand for Jazz Blues Soul, but the huge, 11,000-disk vinyl collection here also includes an impressive selection of old-school hiphop from the seventies through the nineties. Customers can explore the collection and even make requests,...


Sakuragaoka Cafe - Cafe: Shibuya
[Open 8-11am, 11:30am-3, 5:30pm-4am (Sun -12) daily.]
A pair of rather cute goats, living in a pen in front of the shop, are one of the main draws at this lively neighborhood cafe. The interior is spacious, filled with mismatched, comfortable chairs and battered tables, and the soundtrack tends...

East Side

347 Cafe - Cafe: Shibuya
[Open 11am-11pm daily.]
This big, trendy cafe has a large terrace with ample outdoor seating and even a small swimming pool on the third and fourth floors of this Shibuya shopping complex.
Shibuya Bowling Cafe - Cafe: Shibuya
[Open 11am-11pm (LO) daily.]
In addition to the charms of its unusual location, Bowling Cafe is quite spacious, provides free wifi, and is very close to Shibuya Station, so as well as hungry bowlers it also attracts an afternoon crowd of people working on their laptops. The...
Chatei Hatou - Coffee shop: Shibuya
[Open 11am-11:30pm daily.]
There are plenty of third-wave cafes around Tokyo, but this old-school shop is decidedly first-wave, one of the pioneers that inspired today's crop of specialty coffeehouses, both in Japan and abroad. As such it's become something of a pilgrimage...
Cream of the Crop Coffee - Coffee shop: Shibuya
[Open 8am-9pm daily.]
Espresso, drip coffee, coffee beans, and pastries from this conveniently located coffee specialist, one of several in the Hikarie complex. They also sell teas from Paris-based Betjeman and Barton.
Seat Mania - Cafe: Shibuya
[Open 11:30am-10pm. Closed Saturdays.]
As the name indicates, vintage designer chairs are the defining feature of this funky cafe situated between Shibuya and Aoyama. They serve crepes, sandwiches, and a variety of pasta and rice dishes, but it's worth a visit just to perch for an hour...